Your Technological Project Basis.

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Solid, Powerful and Scalable Basis

Socialus is thought, planned and created as a
solid foundation for your project. By using Socialus
your platform will be constantly getting better, thus, achieving sustainable growth.


Ideas are essential but so is finding the
fastest way to the market. Socialus provides
the foundations for your project within
a week or two.

Intuitive and Friendly

Socialus is focused on usability and simplicity
as well as aesthetics and efficiency.
We try to follow the principle "Keep it simple” :)

Attractive and
Customized Homepage

Socialus offers a factory made homepage
that can be customized by users.
Since aesthetic is basic to the homepage,
users of Socialus will find an attractive and
appealing web platform.

Adaptability to
New Devices and Languages

We create platforms that simply go beyond.
Socialus is adaptable and flexible. It can perfectly
work with different devices users have to access
the platform.
Besides, a web administrator translates
the site to test the product scalability worldwide.

Right Functionalities for Users.

In Socialus several tools are constantly updating and improving.
Some of them are: Blogs, Web Pages, Activity, Search,
Message Boards, Internal Messaging System, Reminders.

Total Administration

The web administrator plays a fundamental role. It is also crucial to use the right tools.
Here are some tools Socialus provides users with:
User Management, Modules, Contents, Web Advertisement, Web Statistics.

Part of an Ecosystem

Socialus is one of the key pillars within a given broader
or larger ecosystem
, where each other pillar simply complements the rest.